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Jerry Wang, CPM, CSM, RPA, FMA, CCIM, offers a wide range of unmatched expertise in the areas of receiver appointments and consulting partnerships as a bonded court appointed receiver since 2003. Each receivership situation is unique and Jerry Wang is known for his approach, flexibility, technical expertise and commitment to cutting edge technology and providing the highest level of integrated service to meet the goals regardless of scale or complexity.
  • Commercial Receivership

  • Court Referee

  • Court Custodian

  • Construction Receivership

  • Real Property Preservation & Protection Services

  • Property Management Services

  • Residential / HOA Receivership

  • Business / Equity Receivership

  • General / Other Receivership

  • Expert Witness Services

  • Bill and Rent collection

  • Tenant liaison

  • Property management liaison

  • Leasing oversight

  • Property repositioning

  • Asset preservation

  • Reporting and accounting

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