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Court-Appointed Receiver and Referee for the Federal and State Court of California

As a Federal and Superior Court of California Receiver, Mr. Jerry Wang and his team of seasoned professionals understand how to successfully administer property and business takeovers to ensure a cost-effective and positive outcome. 


Mr. Wang and his team have marshaled cases of all types, sizes and complexities and is adept at asset seizure, forensic accounting, valuation and liquidation, and brokerage and property management. These receivership appointments include actions involving secured creditors of commercial and residential properties, partnership dissolution, judgement enforcement and actions filed by city, state and federal government agencies.

  • County of Santa Clara

  • County of San Bernardino

  • County of Riverside

  • County of San Jauquin

  • County of Los Angeles

  • County of Alameda

  • County of Orange

  • County of Sacramento

  • County of San Francisco

  • County of San Diego

CONTACT (213) 270-6268

Jerry Wang Receiver,

​800 West Sixth Street, 6th FL

Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel 213-270-6268
Fax 213-534-3298

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